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Openhandweb is a community of evolving people resonating with the Openhand Philosophy.

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Openhand: about us

Welcome to Openhand: a unique approach to spiritual evolution

Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution. It is a way of tapping into the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe and aligning with it in your life. It helps you unveil your True Self, remove karmic blockages and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic, resilient and truly successful living.

Openhand is uniting evolving people around a common sense of purpose and destiny - to unfold into a Higher Paradigm of being; which can be accessed within, when we peel away the internal barriers and surrender to the natural flow of the universe. Spiritual Evolution is the key to all mankind's current challenges.

    The purpose of Openhand is to catalyse
    spiritual evolution.

Openhandweb: a virtual community

Openhandweb is a virtual community led by its founder "Open". It unites evolving people around the world who resonate with our philosophy and evolutionary approach. Open's purpose is to embody and express the energy of Openhand in order to reflect and activate authentic beingness in others. He is supported by an inner team of Trinity and Aspasia, plus a growing global network of Openhand Facilitators.

You can read our brief biographies below...

  • Open: a Higher Dimensional Bridge...click here
  • Aspasia: Community Coordinator...click here
  • Trinity: Media Design and Retreat Chef...click here
  • Openhand Facilitator Network: facilitators around the world...click here

Openhand Inspirational Book Series

Openhand transformational tools

  • Openway...an enlightening process to attune your spiritual compass
  • BREAKTHROUGH...a method for unleashing your Cosmic Self
  • 5GATEWAYS...an illuminating route map for evolution
  • DIVINICUS...revealing and processing humanity's karma
  • soulmotion...moving meditation for attuning your soul

Graded courses for evolution

The Spiritual Courses we offer are geared purposefully in a sequential way...

Facilitator Network

We feel divinely inspired to share the Openhand philosophy, tools and guidance with as many around the world as possible. So we're building a Facilitator Network to help people with their spiritual evolution. If you'd like a spiritual mentor, coach or facilitator to help you, you can find out more here....Openhand Facilitator Network

Contact and Mailing

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